Unit installation

We can swap out your PTACs quickly and recycle the old units. Our polite, efficient install technicians can help you get the job done quickly and get back to renting rooms. Our professional crews can typically swap out 30 to 50 units per day, which minimizes disturbances at your property and maximizes “uptime” on your rooms.

As the nation’s only PTAC installation company with a service area covering the 48 contiguous states and beyond, we have a solution for you at every state of the PTAC lifecycle: sales, installation, service, disposal and recycling.

PTAC Crew installs units that we have included in a package deal, as well as units you may have purchased from someone else.

Our team of in-house PTAC specialists are the best in the industry. We aren’t a service company who happens to install PTAC units. PTAC installation is our exclusive focus. That’s why we’re the best in the business. Our PTAC specialists have over 100 years of combined experience. They know exactly how to orchestrate the many individual elements of PTAC installation, change-out, and servicing.

Exceptional installation services are provided by Robert Evans

Over 13 years of experience guarantees the highest quality of services and a great care in selecting employees, who really share the values of our company. Our installations are:

  • Comprehensive

  • Efficient

  • Timely

  • Energy-saving

What makes our installations so famous?

Many factors contribute to an exceptional service.
What really sets us apart?

  • Comprehensive approach.

  • Well-maintained equipment.

  • High quality technical support.

  • Quick crisis resolution team.

  • Flexible scheduling.

  • Flexibility in performance of service.

  • Project design and management.

  • Training services after installation.

Other PTAC Companies

  • Narrow specialization.

  • Outdated technology.

  • Are you really talking to a technician?

  • You have to make an appointment first.

  • Restrictive schedule.

  • Specified list of services.

  • Installation services only.

  • Read the manual by yourself.

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