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We provide high quality and complex service. From the project consulting, through installation, repairs and cleaning services, and units removal and recycling.

Install services

We can swap out your PTACs quickly and recycle the old units. Our polite, efficient install technicians can help you get the job done quickly and get back to renting rooms. Our professional crews can typically swap out 30 to 50 units per day, which minimizes disturbances at your property and maximizes “uptime” on your rooms.

EMS Solutions

DGS Energy’s EMS & Controls Division provides energy management and guest technology solutions to some of the largest and most well-known hotels and brands in the world. Our specialties include centrally controlled energy management systems, online door locks and minibars, and lighting and drapery controls.

Cleaning services

PTAC/PTHP/VTAC cleaning services are an important part of your unit maintenance. Our experienced team provides efficient and time-saving cleaning services, so you can focus on your business goals.

High quality service at a reasonable price.

We began in a backyard as a scrapping company. After some challenging years, we evolved. Now you can trust us not only with your PTACs but also with your health and safety.

About Us

We began in a backyard as a scrapping company. After some challenging years learning how to contract for the hospitality industry performing PTAC cleanings, unit installs, and a variety of other projects we found our niche and the name Dream Green Services evolved into DGS Energy.

DGS Energy is located in Griffin, GA. We have a constantly growing customer base, offer a plethora of services (PTAC and Energy Management related), and are pleased to have a staff that is skilled and experienced.


“We strive to enrich our customers’ lives and contribute to their success by offering knowledgeable, savvy, and professional service people, services and tools for their properties and holdings.”

Robert Evans, owner

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